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Spring Manufacturing Company | Custom SpringsWermke Spring Manufacturing Company has been manufacturing and supplying a wide variety of springs to our customers since 1953. We can work with small companies and large “Fortune 500” companies to provide any quantity and types of springs. Whether you order one spring or millions of springs, our top priority with every order is to provide high quality products that not only meet but also exceed our customers’ expectations. We can manufacture springs according to a model or drawing or our professionals can offer engineering and technical support services to create the perfect spring for any application.

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Custom Spring Manufacturing & EngineeringWe can manufacture the following types of springs in a variety of different styles and using many types of materials. For example, we can use wire ranging from .004” to 1.250” in diameter and strip wire ranging from .005” to .500” in thickness. Additionally, some of the types of materials we can use for spring manufacturing include Stainless Steels, Chrome Silicon, Brass, Beryllium Copper, Titanium, Inconel, Monel, Phos. Bronze, and Music Wire. To learn more about the types of metal springs we can manufacture and the materials we use, please contact us or see our Products page.

  • 杏耀娱乐平台奖金为什么那么高: Compression springs are a type of springs that offer resistance to a compressive force with an open-coil helical design.
  • 杏耀娱乐平台稳定吗: These are heavy-duty compression springs that are primarily used in die machinery, but can also be used in a variety of high stress applications as well.
  • 杏耀平台电话号码: Extension springs provide a resistance to a pulling force and can be used to absorb and store energy in a variety of applications.
  • 杏耀平台丿首选金手指17杏耀平台 29366实权g: These springs are designed to be rotated in an angular deflection creating a twisting force in order to offer resistance against an externally applied torque.
  • 杏耀平台注册官网: Wire forms are any type of springs or wire parts that do not fit in the other categories of springs. These can serve a limitless variety of purposes and can take on nearly any shape.
  • 杏耀平台h内部老板伽83214: Spring clips include any type of small part that is made from a small flat section of material. Spring clips can be made in many different shapes and can serve a variety of purposes.
  • 杏耀平台 注册扣729144: These are small washers that have unique curved shapes, which allow them to act as a spring to deflect and provide a preload between two surfaces.
  • 杏耀平台伽寇728567: Spiral springs are springs that are made from a flat wire material, which has been wound into a tight, flat spiral.
  • 杏耀 彩票平台: These are a particular type of spiral or constant coil spring that are commonly used to store and release power.
  • 杏耀平台冻结账号: A trailer ramp spring is installed at the hinge mount where a ramp connects to the trailer to handle the weight of the weight of the ramp in order to make it easier for the ramp to be lifted up or lowered down.


As a leading spring manufacturer, we can engineer and produce springs for customers in all types of industries. For example, we can produce springs for use during manufacturing processes, for industrial applications, and as part of the end products produced. Some of the types of industries and clients we serve include:

  • Industrial
  • Defense & Military
  • Sports Equipment & Toys
  • Heavy Construction Machinery
  • Lawn & Garden Hardware
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace & Aviation
  • Medical
  • Appliances
  • Transportation
  • Electrical
  • Printing

Learn more about the industries and applications for our springs.


Spring Manufacturing & Engineering CompanyIf you would like to place an order or request a quote for any custom spring manufacturing or engineering project, please contact the professionals at Wermke Spring. You can provide the specifications for your springs online using our contact forms or call us directly at (636) 677-5500 to work with our technicians to create custom solutions to meet your needs.

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